Baby Journey Week 13

Well. I have made it to week 13 and depending on who you ask, I am either in my last week of the first trimester or I have begun the first week of my second trimester. I prefer to believe I have stepped into the 2nd trimester.

I thought I would take some time to reflect on my first trimester and what it was like for me, a first time mommy to be:

I don’t think I’ve shared that I had a feeling I was pregnant much earlier than I was willing to test. So those days when I was pretty sure it was so were kind of long and drawn out. It didn’t help that Marshall was out of town riding the MS 150. But I wanted to wait. So wait I did for about about 4 days longer than necessary. Actually a lot of pregnancy tests are sophisticated enough to pick up the pregnancy hormone up to 5 days prior to the start of one’s expected period. So I actually tortured myself for about 9 days.

Anyway, that Monday morning I excitedly peed in a cup (so I could dip more than one stick/ one must be sure). The first one showed up the anticipated + sign. Still holding my breath, I dipped the second stick which, indisputably and quickly I might add, showed the word “pregnant”.

We cherished this news privately for a few days before surprising both sets of parents on Mother’s Day. We told the rest of the world a few days later.

The next few weeks were filled with moments of excitement, disbelief and waves of nausea that were quickly remedied by chewing gum, sucking on a peppermint or eating a banana.

I signed up for every possible Baby Update and read and reread where I was in the pregnancy according to What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

The next few weeks (I’d say six weeks), the nausea became a little more unbearable…first throughout the day and then mysteriously it transferred to evenings. About 5pm like some serious clockwork, I began to feel incredibly nauseous. I fell asleep crying for two weeks. Foods that worked before stopped working. Even now I can’t stand the smell of peppermints. And Mexican. Just writing the word turns my stomach.

Week 10 brought us hope however. Although the Evening Sickness continued, I had a picture, a heartbeat recording and a memory of an active little one residing inside of me. Suddenly the nausea (still very real and hardly bearable) became worth it.

Baby Parker 10 weeks 4 days

Then almost as if it all were psychological, Week 12 began and I felt tremendously better. All of a sudden I noticed that our house was a disaster!! Of course I starting cleaning. It’s not back in order yet but at least our bedroom is no longer an extended laundry room.

Today I am enjoying my pregnancy. I still have moments of nausea and I get tired so easily these days. But it is so much better than it was.

Here’s a quick review of my expanding waist line. Still waiting for the indisputable belly bump to protrude.

Week 4
Week 8
Week 12
Week 13

My next appointment is Wednesday July 7th. Stay tuned for details.

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