Baby Journey: Simplify

I have made it to the 30 week mark which, in my opinion, feels unbelievable! I can still recall vividly the morning I took the two pregnancy tests (had to be sure) that confirmed that I was pregnant. That was May. And here we are on the outskirts of November. This year is speeding by quickly and Dominic will most definitely be here sooner than I could have imagined.

ESPECIALLY. Especially since this time of year seems to speed by anyway. Here’s a glimpse into our life in the coming weeks.

November 6th: Preggo Pics with the Rickeys

November 12,13th: Baby Showers : )

November 19-21: Birthing Bootcamp and LifeGroup Thanksgiving Dinner

November 25th: Thanksgiving

December 4th: Stacy’s Baby Shower

December 11th: Get together with the girls

December 20th or so: Cue my mom’s arrival

December 22nd: My birthday!!

December 25th: Christmas!!

And then maybe we can breathe. Or not. Either way, it will be less than two weeks from Dominic’s expected debut.

Now that you feel as overwhelmed as we do, allow me to share some things we are doing to remove as much of the extra as we can.

Bye bye bedding.

When Marshall and I got married, I told him that I didn’t mind how the rest of the house looked. We could buy furniture piece by piece, acquire curtains here and there, accumulate dishes in time. Only one thing. I wanted to be proud of our bedroom. So we took a huge chunk of the gift cards we recieved and sunk it into the most beautiful bedding.

pic from our first home in Ocala

Notice the beautiful top comforter that you don’t sleep with and all the fancy pillows. Just absolutely beautiful. Well, I know we won’t be making our bed for a few months after Dom comes with the cosleeper right next to my side of the bed…so we put the fancy comforter away along with the fancy pillows in a closet to be retrieved in a few months.

A moment of silence please.

To some, not a big deal but it’s hard to look at our bedroom now void of vanity pillows. Doesn’t it look kind of sad?

farewell vanity pillows

BUT. That is one less thing we have to worry about when Dominic gets here. I don’t have to feel bad about an unmade bed and tripping over a mountain of pillows. So a small step but a step all the same towards simplifying our lives.

Cook it and Freeze

Marshall and I both love to cook and enjoy being in the kitchen. I feel the only perk of eating out is you don’t have to do the dishes. But as my due date draws closer, I find myself less and less inclined to get into the kitchen to cook. So the Parkers are going to make an investment into one of these:

Our next purchase...

And then in the coming weeks, we are going to practice the art of multi-meals (that’s the title I’ve given it). When we make a favorite meal, we will make 3-4 times more than we actually need, divvy it between 4 containers. Eat one, freeze the other two or three for a later date. Each week, we hope to add a few more meals. That way we aren’t sacrificing our homecooked meals but we get a much needed break from the kitchen. We hope that by the time baby Parker arrives to have a stocked freezer for those first few overwhelming weeks. We are also going to take greater advantage of ┬áthe crockpot and are regretfully adding a meal out to eat each week. I must also add that we are looking forward to the blessing our church family has always been in providing meals as well.

Asking Hard Questions

My husband and I will be sitting down this weekend to see what other ways we can simplify our lives. We are both highly motivated and have a tendency to take on more than we should because in the past we’ve always been able to handle it. And although we’ve always made a concerted effort to keep our marriage a priority, we’ve had many weeks lately where we realize that the activity of life has taken over and our “our time” has become very limited. Now with a youngin’ on the way, it seems that this time together is even more significant to us. So what can we eliminate? What really isn’t all that important? These are the things we hope to start hashing out this weekend.

Facing Reality

Now we know that being parents is going to take us by surprise. We know we will be overwhelmed and that there will be numerous things that we were not prepared for, that we didn’t hash out. BUT. If we can take care of the things we are able to anticipate now, we figure there will be that much less to be overwhelmed by and more opportunity to just enjoy our little Dominic and the family journey ahead of us!

Patty Parker

My name is Patty Parker. I write about finding beauty in the every day.

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  1. You guys are so, SO wise. Just amazing. These things will help out tremendously. Great investment in the deep freezer! That will definitely come in handy. What a great idea to triple meals for freezing. Dominic is VERY blessed to have you and Mar for parents. I love you three SO much!

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