Baby Journey: Pregnancy Firsts

In past two weeks I have experienced a lot of pregnancy firsts. This whole pregnancy has been full of unique firsts but the ones below are really something. Read on for a good laugh…well at least a giggle…okay, maybe you’ll smile.
  • I am in my third trimester: the first trimester took forever and the second, although the longest, seemed to sneak right through.
  • Embarrassing Conversations: Just last night, two of my preggo friends and I were talking about our bellies. As the conversation progressed, the most amazing thing happened. We all showed off our bellies to one another. Yep. And this was around other non-pregnant people (Of course we were to the side and no one else was engaged in our conversation but still…the irony of it). Later that night as I lay in bed, it occurred to me how odd we must have looked to anyone who happened to turn our way. I mean, get the visual of 3 women, 6-7 months pregnant, just pulling up our shirts enough to show off our navels. And to be a fly on the wall to hear our conversation on all things belly! Pretty funny if you think about it.
  • Panic attack over whether Dominic had all his body parts: As we were headed to church a week ago, the crazy thought came into my mind of, “What if Dominic doesn’t have two legs and two arms?!?!?” My logic was sound of course. He consistently kicks/punches me in my ribs on my left side and kicks/punches me in my lower abs on the right side. So I panicked thinking that he must be missing an arm and a leg. I. AM. SERIOUS. I pulled out my phone to find sonogram pictures to see if I could view both legs and arms. Silly now, I know, but at the time my heart was racing and I was bracing myself for the worst.
  • Someone touched my belly! Well actually 2 someones: the receptionist at my chiropractor and a little girl. I have to tell you about this little girl. It was the cutest thing. I was in the middle of teaching my 4 year old Bible class when she walked up to me and started rubbing my belly. It was so cute all I could do was giggle. I’ve wondered what the children think of my growing belly. Up til then, I imagined they thought I was just fat. But this little girl. She knew.
  • Dream about delivering Dominic: Okay before you read this, you might want to put that drink down and go use the bathroom to make sure your bladder is empty. I’m serious. Okay, you’re reading this at your own risk. The other night I dreamed that I delivered Dominic. I don’t really remember the delivery part, I just remember that he was a little ‘jaundice’ so they had to put him under one of those lamps. In the meantime, they gave me a kitten to care for. Yep a kitty that if I remember correctly I put in a sling. Then when I went to pick up Dominic, there were 3 babies in the same bassinet under the lamp. One was dark skinned, so I knew that wasn’t Dom. So that left two babies. One looked just like Mar except his ears made Dumbo look normal. Yep. Lots of extra skin. The other baby looked like Marshall too only he was a grown man’s head with little feet running around in the crib. Pretty weird huh.
  • Actual back pain. That started today. I’ve had moments where it felt like my spine shifted down similar to that of a pulling a jenga block out of a stack but up to now it has somewhat corrected itself and a trip to the chiropractor has totally fixed the problem. This is a different pain. It rotates from my left lower back to my right lower back. And it feels like something is being pinched. So not cool. But I can’t complain. I’m 28 weeks in and just now experiencing this kind of pain? Can’t complain.
  • Tears: Okay, I know this is not new but wait til you hear why I was crying. I was having a craft get er done day. You see, I am really good at starting projects but not so good at finishing them. So with Dominic coming soon, my thoughts were that if I couldn’t finish now, I most definitely wouldn’t be able to finish when he came. So here I am in craft heaven which turned my living room into extreme chaos. It was a Friday, so my husband normally gets home early…BUT HE ALWAYS TEXTS OR CALLS (in sing song whiny voice) before hand. But not today. He walks in on my crafting spree. And I cry. Why? Because I was embarrassed by the mess. Okay a little sympathy for the pregnant woman.
  • Swollen hands and feet: Fortunately this has been random and usually explainable but still it’s the craziest thing to look down and see your feet swell up like a surgical glove with air in it. Pretty weird!
  • Racing heart rate: I’m gonna be talking to my midwife about this one. It’s scary at times and I really feel like my blood pressure is elevating too. I know this is somewhat normal and there are different reasons for why it happens but just to be safe, I’m gonna run it by the good doctor.
  • Baby Dedication Class: My husband and I attended this today. It was a really cool idea on the part of our children’s minister for us to attend BEFORE Dominic comes. That way we can be thinking with a clear mind what we want his life verse to be and thinking more intentionally of how we want to raise Dominic in a Christ centered home. Our most important role as parents is to introduce our little guy to Jesus! Wow! What an honor.
  • Thinking beyond Birth Day: About a week ago, I woke up to thoughts of Dominic’s first Valentine’s Day, his first Easter. I had thoughts of his first bath (which also freaked me out momentarily), his first haircut, that first tooth. *sigh*

Well, lots of firsts and lots more to come. I take the glucose test on Wednesday. I will also be getting my rh neg shot. Prayers are definitely appreciated. This glucose test is the last thing I’m nervous about other than the actual birth. I don’t have any reason to be worried about my sugar levels or the risk of gestational diabetes but still.

I will be posting more belly pics tomorrow. Until then…

Life is Beautiful!

Patty Parker

My name is Patty Parker. I write about finding beauty in the every day.

One thought on “Baby Journey: Pregnancy Firsts

  1. The panic attack about his body parts and the crying about the mess things are the 2 that made me laugh the most. You’re so sweet. 🙂

    What a great idea about the baby dedication class! Never heard of it, but how cool!

    The heart rate being faster is normal, but you are wise for bringing it up with the midwife. It’s better safe than sorry.

    What a wonderful update! Thank you!! Praying for your shot and test on Wednesday (the shot’s not that bad… I psyched myself up for it and it ended up being no big deal!). Love you!

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