Baby Journey: LOVE/LOATHE

Whoa. Week 18. Does that sound crazy to anyone else?

I remember trying to stretch out the weeks when asked the age old question: So how far along are you?

I would say:

  • 5 1/2 weeks
  • Almost 8 weeks.
  • Coming up on 10 weeks.
  • Wrapping up my first trimester.

And I am sitting pretty at 18 weeks. Nearly half way through my pregnancy!

Half. Way.

I thought I’d reminisce on some of the things I have LOVED about being pregnant and of course some of the things that I have LOATHED or not been too crazy about.

  • I have LOVED the look in my husband’s eyes and the joy in his voice when he’s says, “We’re going to be parents.”
  • I have LOATHED the growing waistline especially since I am carrying what I call wide so the bump isn’t always prominent.
  • I have LOVED the eternal craving for veggies and fruit.
  • I LOATHED the nausea although it is now a thing of the past.
  • I LOVE feeling the baby. Very active little one.
  • I STRONGLY DISLIKE the energy drain although compliments of my midwife I now know that I need to supplement my iron and that should help.
  • I LOVE taking belly pics.
  • I DON’T CARE FOR the forgetfulness or excessive weepy emotions.
  • I LOVE the glow everyone says I have.
  • I LOVE┬áthe attention my blog is getting. I even have complete strangers (on their way to becoming my friends) reading my Baby Blog. It has also caused me to write more which I love!!!
  • I LOVE that God gave us the blessing of a sweet little one and in one short week we will know just a little more about our Baby. Boy or Girl. This child is a precious gift to us.
  • I LOVE the reality that I am a parent in preparation. I will be someone’s mommy. I have future boo-boo’s to nurture. Bedtime stories to read. Cuddle time to enjoy. Yes, and diapers to be changed and potty training to be had. But mostly love to be given.
  • I LOVE that my love for my husband is so much deeper than the day we were married and that it is celebrated on a new level with the coming arrival of Baby Parker.
  • I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that we have the honor to model the LOVE of God our Father to our child. And the honor of leading our sweet child to Jesus. I. LOVE. THAT.

Patty Parker

My name is Patty Parker. I write about finding beauty in the every day.

2 thoughts on “Baby Journey: LOVE/LOATHE

  1. Wow. Almost half way does sound crazy. Crazy cool tho! ­čÖé You and Mar will be awesome parents. I can’t wait for next week!!

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