Baby Journey: Double Blessing

My brother and I have always been close. It’s one of those prayers that my mom prayed and God answered enthusiastically.

You could call us each other’s biggest fan. If something good happens for the one, the other is oftentimes as happy if not happier than the recipient.

It shouldn’t have taken us by surprise, then, to find out that we would both be expanding our families. Of course, in the same year would be pretty neat. A few months apart would be really cool.


Who would ever believe that we will both welcome into the world sweet baby boys in the same month?!

That God of ours has a beautiful sense of humor.

So who goes first? Well my due date falls first. (I am the oldest after all) but who knows if Tara and I might be laboring together, states apart, but with the same great joy for our own special blessing and weeping with deep elation at the arrival of the other.

My brother and I are close. So  without even consulting my him, I know that our prayers will be that our little boys on the way will be close too.


I like how the word just rolls off the tongue.

Patty Parker

My name is Patty Parker. I write about finding beauty in the every day.

6 thoughts on “Baby Journey: Double Blessing

  1. I always felt when the grandbabies came somehow Patty and Tara would be expecting at the same time. Like Patty I thought it would be more than just two weeks between. So this should prove to be the adventure of a lifetime for me, two sweet grandsons. So where will I be in January, somewhere between Texas and Arkansas. Just hope I don’t get lost getting there. LOL

  2. Well, at first I thought you were going to share that you were going to have twins. Lol. But how awesome is that. Cousins born within days of each other. Who knows? Maybe even hours? I feel sorry for you, Judi… You won’t know where to go! Lol jk

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