Baby Journey: Catching up on the last month

I cannot believe it has been an entire month since I welcomed you into the preggo world of Patty Parker! But here I sit at 36 weeks and my last post was at 32 weeks.

So let’s see how I can catch you up without causing you to have to clear your entire day’s calendar to read this post.

More Surprises.

Last I wrote I shared that I was given a surprise baby shower by my husband’s co-workers. NOW. That was very thoughtful. But it so pales in comparison when I share with you what happened the next day. On Thursday morning, I get a call from my friend Lisa who tells me that my lifegroup pitched in to get me a special gift. She describes it as rather large, perishable and non-returnable. So I’m thinking a fruit basket, a lifetime supply of chocolate. Yep. I’m getting myself ready for a little snacky snacky. We make arrangements for her to drop off my ‘gift’ around 2:30 once I’ve made it home from work.

The doorbell rings and there’s no fruit basket waiting on me. No life time supply of chocolate on my doorstep. Instead the best gift you could give a gal.

With a beautiful red bow I open the door to find my mommy!


My lifegroup had chipped into fly my mom into town for my baby showers. With the passing of my dad, the timing couldn’t have been any more perfect. I needed to be with my momma and she needed to be with me.

Baby Showers

With my mom at my side, Friday and Saturday were a wonderful baby shower blur. Here’s a few pics of the highlights.

My momma and me
Gifts : )
Oh the games we played : )

It was a great night and these pics are just a tiny tiny glimpse into all the mad fun that took place.

The next day, my coworkers threw me a shower. Unfortunately my mom’s camera wasn’t working right so here is the only pic I have from this great time together.

All the sweet gifts!

Belly Updates

Okay, so here is a most recent pic of me at 35.5 weeks.

35.5 Weeks
The belly

Nursery Updates

Some of the wall decor and furniture
changing table and such

I will probably post a video later giving a better tour of the room and all the wonderful gifts that others have blessed us with to help in preparation of Dominic’s arrival.

So now I am approaching 37 weeks which according to one of my baby update emails means I’m full term and can deliver at any time. My due date is January 6th (which I know is just an estimation not a timeline to be taken too terribly seriously) but thinking that Dominic could come any time now is just really exciting and at the same time terrifying.

Marshall and I are going to be parents. Pretty darn exciting.

Well hopefully you didn’t get too behind by reading this update. I promise you, my fan base of 3 or 4, to return to my weekly updates to the best of my ability starting this Thursday-ish.

Life is beautiful!


Patty Parker

My name is Patty Parker. I write about finding beauty in the every day.

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  1. Great surprises and one more little baby to come into the world. Best Wishes for an easy delivery. By the way, my birthday is Jan 7th. 🙂 Aunt Linda B

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