Baby Journey: And the Name is…

We won’t hold you in suspense for long. But we would like to explain a few things first. Then we will get on with the naming of our first child.

First off. We didn’t want just any name for our little one. The meaning of a name is really important to us both.

For example, my name means: Of the nobility and Warrior (Patricia Louise).

My husband’s name means: Keeper of the King’s Stable and Powerful Leader (Marshall Richard)

When I think of Marshall, what his name means, and how he lives his life, I know that he is indeed a powerful leader. He knows how to take charge of a situation and people follow his lead enthusiastically especially in his work environment. Yet with his leadership capabilities, comes this incredible servant’s heart. You will not find a more serving human being than my Marshall.

Marshall Richard Parker has become his name. He is strong. Loving. And truly a Gentle. Man.

And so when we found out we were pregnant, we began the long search for just the right name for our little bambino. We had narrowed it down to just a few different names for a boy or a girl.

Then on Thursday, we found out it was a boy. And we settled on a very special name.

It means: from the Lord/truth

More important than this initial meaning, is the deeper meaning we found in researching the name:

We found that there was a very zealous monk in the early 1200’s who, during a time when heresy to the Christian faith was prevalent, “…dreamed of a new religious order, not like the older ones, whose members led lives of contemplation and prayer in isolated groups… His men would join to their prayers and meditation a thorough training in theology and the duties of a popular pastor and preacher;…[he] hoped thus to provide the Church with expert and zealous preachers, whose spirit and example would spread the light”.

In other words this man hoped to spread the true message of the gospel to everyone by getting outside of the confines of the monastery.

This is our prayer that our son, given to us from God, also would be a messenger to all sharing the amazing true message of the love of Jesus Christ.

And so that is why we have named our sweet little boy on the way, arriving in early 2011: Dominic Truth Parker

Patty Parker

My name is Patty Parker. I write about finding beauty in the every day.

7 thoughts on “Baby Journey: And the Name is…

  1. Patty, I love the name & even more, the reasoning behind how you picked it out! Can’t wait to meet Dominic Truth Parker in person! Well, I guess I’m gonna have to-for whenever you guys come to Fl. to show him off! Love you!

  2. I absolutely love his name and the reason behind. I am very excited for both of you and cannot wait to meet and spoil him

  3. Patty and Marshall,
    As this little one’s Granny i could think of no name i could love more. I believe Dominic Truth Pareker will grow up to be what hjs name proclaims. Awesome job Mommy and Daddy!!!

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