A Pinterest Inspired Moment

So there’s a lot of thoughts on how Pinterest is the most amazing thing in the world. Then there’s the converse: it is the overtired, overworked, overlooked home-maker’s worst nightmare.

Personally, I love it. But that’s not what this blog is about. It’s about a moment that started last night as I was perusing Pinterest.

As a part time preschool teacher, I am constantly looking for ideas to incorporate into my classroom setting. Due to the unique role I play, there’s a need to be well versed in activities that would go over well for ages 1-5. But that isn’t what this blog is about either.

As I was looking, I came across an idea for a water activity that I thought would be something super awesome to do with Dominic, my inquisitive 15 month old. I told my husband all about it and emphatically proclaimed that this water activity would be on our agenda for tomorrow.

Well tomorrow is here. We got up, ate breakfast, played for a bit, vacuumed, ‘threw’ the ball around. Then, Mommy wanted a moment to sip her coffee so on the tv went. Not that The Dom really watches it but there’s one particular program that catches his attention during the music transitions. So on went Eebee’s Adventures. I mentioned I taught preschool right? So, (being transparent here), I thought: “I can sip my coffee. Dom likes the music. AND I can get some more ideas for Music and Movement for my ones and twos. Fantastic combination!”

So we settle down to watch this little puppet Eebee playing with water. My preschool teacher wheel’s are turning. “This is great,” I think. “I need to make a water play supply list for next year!”

Then I remember. The water activity!

Dominic didn’t know we were going to play with water, but I did. And we hadn’t. Cue Guilty Mom Conscience.

So I did an odd thing. I pulled out the finger paints, grabbed my shave gel, pulled Dom’s clothes off and put him in the highchair. And we finger painted and played with shaving cream and then mixed finger paint in shaving cream.

{Getting started with the shaving cream}


{We got a little messy!}

My point is not that Pinterest is awesome or not awesome. (We didn’t even do the water activity I found!)

My point is that these moments with our sweet babies are precious. I am seeing how fast my little guy is growing and I don’t want to look back on Dom’s early years and have a ‘board’ full of ideas I never executed. Or that everyone thought I was an amazing preschool teacher but I poured more time and energy into the lives of other people’s children than my own sweet child.

Bottom line: Regardless of where your inspiration comes from, do something! Spend time with your children and even if it means you have to mop the kitchen floor before the paint stains or that your child has a melt down in the middle of your activity. It is worth it.

{I'm done mommy!}

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