A New Journey…

We have always seen our marriage as an incredible journey to truly becoming one.

Each adventure creates a memory, each challenge draws us closer to one another.

This past year we journeyed through the incredible miracle of growing life and giving birth.

And now.

Our lives. Will never. Be the same.

But we still want to keep our focus of becoming one. We just have an amazing addition to make our journey all the more beautiful. And a little challenging as well.

Date nights used to be second nature and chock full of creativity. Everything from Fondue to Bed and Breakfast weekends. Now we frequent IKEA and watch lots of movies.

Dinner used to be at 5, served at the table and full of conversation and healthy food. Lately the meals have left a lot to be desired in the nutritional department and are regularly served while watching tv on the couch between diaper changes and feedings and bouncings of baby…not room for much conversation there.

The house used to be spotless. Now…well, let’s not go there.

It’s been nearly 11 weeks since Dominic arrived on the scene.

I can now say with authority that the first several weeks with a newborn are not easy. But I can also say that it is getting better. Dominic is starting to sleep through the night {5-7 hours at a time}. I am starting to do a better job of keeping the house clean. We are starting to cook again. We just had to make some adjustments.

During the course of my amazing pregnancy, I did what pregnant women do- I gained weight. And Marshall did what husbands of pregnant women do- he gained weight, too.

So this is our latest journey. Re-learning good eating habits. Returning to the benefits of exercise. Doing our best to go to bed early and rise early.

We took a good look at where we were with weight, exercise and nutrition and said, “It’s totally understandable. We just had a baby!” We gave ourselves some grace. We can’t just bounce back to where we were pre-Dom. But we can make some small intentional changes.

So here are our Nutrition and Exercise Guidelines:

  • No junk in the house (chips, candy, etc)
  • No food after 7:30pm (Mar)
  • Bed by 10:30 up by 5:15 (Mar) 8:30 (Patty)
  • 2-3 bike rides per week, workout 2-3 times per week (Mar)
  • Walk 3-4 times per week a minimum of 20 minutes (Patty)
  • Stretch video on Sunday
  • Intentional Food Splurges (as opposed to spontaneous splurging whenever the mood hits)
  1. Sunday Coffee
  2. Tuesday Dessert at LifeGroup
  3. Rootbeer every so often…not weekly (Marshall)
  4. Starbucks no more than twice a month (Patty)

We are also talking each night over dinner about the meal. Asking these questions:

  1. What was good about this meal?
  2. What was bad about this meal?
  3. Do I have a good portion size?
  4. Should we repeat this meal?
  5. Should we change anything about it?

These are small changes but it’s our hope that by making small determined adjustments that we might see some improvement in our health.

I love that good health is as important to Marshall as it is to me. We’ve seen what it’s like to be physically fit and healthy and we are going to get back to that place.

It’s all a part of our amazing journey to becoming one.

Life is beautiful!

Patty Parker

My name is Patty Parker. I write about finding beauty in the every day.

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