2013 Priorities

This year will prove to be a very exciting one full of a whirlwind of wonderful changes.

In a few weeks, we will be closing on our very first home. A few days later, Marshall will start a new position within his company (a well deserved promotion), and in late March our family will expand our hearts as we welcome a precious baby girl into our lives.

With all this change up front, the months that follow will be a haze of adjustments.

Goals. Resolutions. Priorities. No matter how you label it, I think it is good to have a measurable action plan that you can use for accountability throughout a new season. Most people set these goals at the beginning of a New Year and although this is not always the case for me, this year I am following suit.

So here are my priorities as I’ve decided to label them.


2 books: Visionary Parenting and Mission of Motherhood

I am in the middle of both of these books but due to the nature of their content, it is taking quite some time to digest the information. I’ve been underlining, scribbling, journaling and reflecting like a mad woman as I read Mission of Motherhood and would like to do the same with Visionary Parenting.

Partner with Marshall

to improve our eating/exercise habits

As a team: continue to grocery shop monthly and spend a day each month cooking to get stocked up on some freezer meals

Personally: walk twice a week

Accountability Partner: hold Marshall accountable weekly to his exercise goals


work: finish strong and well at LCLC (I aim to work til baby comes)

play: start writing again (blog weekly)


our new home: work on making it a warm, inviting, haven for Marshall and Dominic and soon Charlee

our growing family: work on helping everyone adjust to life with a newborn

I am really looking forward to this year. All these changes cause me to crave simplicity. So my goals are simple. When I look back on 2013, I hope to say that I did more than survive an avalanche of change but that I kept my priorities and am a better person as a result.



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