Things I Don’t Want to Forget {Installment 3}



Her sweet manners. She says thank you so naturally.



His encouragement. He is always the first to compliment my hair or outfit.


That he climbs on EVERYTHING! Tables, counters, chairs…you name it.


Where there’s a will, there’s a way



Her sweet repeat-after-me prayers that she must do two or three times before I can close the door for bedtime.


His giving nature. “Mommy I want to give this toy away”.


His desire for big boy status. If big brother or sister does it, he wants to do it too.


Her sweet singing voice.


That he loves to help with the dishes.


That baby boy loves to climb on the couch with his brother and sister while they watch tv…not because he’s interested in the program but because he feels like a big boy when he does it.


Her refusal to nap that turns into very interesting sleeping positions when she passes out.


His multimedia art and her abstract art.


That she knows all her colors and shapes and can count items on a page.

image1 (1)

His love of iPhone photography.


His love for balls.


Reading classics like The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe with him and then watching the movie.

IMG_3533 (2016-06-05T19_18_15.547)

How grown up she has become.


Their joy.


Those sweet moments when they play well together.


And when they don’t



photo credit Captured by Emily


photo credit Wonderlove Photography

IMG_7075 (1)

photo credit Wonderlove Photography


What about you? What precious quirk or memory of your child do you want to treasure always? Join the conversation by commenting below.

A Little Dignity

There’s so much weightiness in the news.






Mental Illness.







Calls for Grace, love and action.





And now #Dallas


What to do? How to respond?

I read the rants and prayers and calls to action and hashtags that rip at my heartstrings. I want to act. I want to respond. I want to do something that speaks Christ’s love.

And as I sit in bed thankful that my sweet children are safe and in their beds with full tummies, clean clothing and pretty much not a care in the world, I realize that this blessed life is not mine to take for granted.

When they wake, they’ll have that joyful spark of life that comes with youth and innocence. As they age, the innocence will slowly be replaced with a more sobering view of the world and the pain that comes with the package of a fallen world.

Oh how I long that the world would be a different place. That my children would not grow up with all the hatred that is so imbedded in our current society.

What can we do as parents raising children in a very cruel world?

  • We must choose to not respond with cruelty.

The most recent version of Cinderella has these wise words to impart upon its hearers: “Have courage and always be kind.” Cinderella had it rough but she chose to be brave and extend kindness despite the way she was treated. 

Ephesians 4:32 (NCV) “Be kind and loving to each other and forgive each other then just as God forgave you in Christ.”

I say this verse (at least the first part) to my children a minimum of once a day. The second part, however, has grabbed my attention lately.

Forgive. I can’t possibly begin to understand what those who were targeted in Orlando felt or feel. I can’t begin to understand the decades and decades of pain my black friends have experienced. Those precious people of Iraq who live in a war zone. I just can’t even begin to truly comprehend their pain. I am white and have privileges simply based on the shade of my skin. I have, however, found myself wronged. I have been profiled for my actions and have been slung through the mud for doing that which I believed to be honorable. I have received hate emails and facebook messages. Told to “go to hell”. All because I thought I was doing the right thing. When this happened I wondered if I should ever try to help anyone again. If this is what happens when you love others?  But the BIble says, “…forgive each other just as God forgave you in Christ.”

My sins are not your sins but they are sins all the same. Christ died for me, for you, for the snipers on the roofs last night in Dallas. I know. That’s hard. For Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. For President Obama and former President Bush. For Osama Bin Laden and Mother Theresa.

We cannot allow ourselves to return evil for evil. We cannot teach our children to live a life of retaliation.

  • Love like Jesus.

Social media is showing us how far we have yet to go on our journey of holiness.Although the true origin of this quote is unclear the sentiment is good: “preach Christ always; if necessary use words”. I fear that we have turned this upside down and it reads more like: “preach Christ always and if necessary use actions”.

I read this post by Brandon Hatmaker a few months ago and it has been sitting with me for some time. I’d like to share it with you as it is the inspiration for the title of this post and has been rocking my world for quite some time. You can see the post in it’s entirety here

Quoting Beth Moore in her book “So Long Insecurity: You’ve Been a Bad Friend to Us” 

“We have dignity precisely because God Himself gave it to us, His prized creation. You and I, along with every other human being on the planet, possesses dignity because God Himself has it and He created us in His image… God didn’t just confer dignity to us. According to Psalm 8:5, He crowned us with it. We are wise to note, that all people have God-given dignity even if they don’t yet have eternal life through Jesus Christ.”

I love this. Thank you, Beth, for the reminder. Everyone has God-given dignity. Even that guy across the street. Or that person who practices a different religion or holds a different belief on a doctrinal issue. Or holds NO religious view. Or holds a different sexual orientation. Or holds a different political view.

God has created everyone in His image. We may be born in sin, but we are born dignified. Who are they to strip you of your dignity? Who are we to strip another of their dignity? Of all we do as disciples of Jesus, may we be known as those who offer dignity back to those who’ve been stripped of theirs. What would Jesus do? That’s exactly what He does.”


A quick google search returns the following definition– the qualitiy of being worthy of honor or respect

When we say all lives matter, are we bestowing upon others the titles of worthy and honorable and respected? As a recent article succinctly articulated, is it glossing over the true issue at hand?

When we pass others on the streets or the grocery store or in traffic, are we thinking:

“You are worthy.”

“You are honored.”

“You are respected.”

We all deserve dignity. You, my friend reading this, regardless of AND because of your culture and beliefs deserve dignity.

  • Talk about it and live it out.

My children are too young to understand all that has taken place in a mere few months. They don’t grasp the concept of hatred and evil. But even at ages one, three and five I can teach my children that kindness is a CHOICE not a response. As they age, the conversations and the actions will get more involved but kindness will always be the common denominator.

I can’t change the actions of a nation or world. But I can change my actions. I can teach my children to show love and kindness to every person they encounter. When they see me showing love and kindness, I am making a difference. I am changing my actions. I am prayerfully changing the spiritual trajectory of my children’s future.

I can make eye contact with the woman with the burqa covering on her head or the elderly gentleman from Japan. I can make conversation with the developmentally delayed gentleman bagging my groceries. I can make a point to smile and acknowledge the police officer a table over eating a meal between calls.

And I can help my children see that all lives matter not because it’s the hashtag of the day or the right thing to do or the admirable lesson to pass onto my brood but because I truly believe it and live it out in my actions.

Today we will bring brownies to the local police station. It’s a coincidence really that a local organization This Side UP! Family has challenged the community to thank our public servants. Dom has been adamant about bringing a sweet goody to our police officers. My children don’t have a clue what news broke out last night. My heart will be heavy. These officers will be on their guard, and the grief of their fallen partners will be oh so heavy.

It’s a small step. It won’t change what happened last night. It won’t change the world. But it just might change my kid’s world a little bit. If I can help shape the lens through which my children see others, and if they can learn to treat others with a little dignity maybe just maybe we’ll see a kinder world in the coming days. 

Not Your Typical Father’s Day Post

It’s been a bittersweet exercise to thumb through my Facebook and Instagram feed today. It’s Father’s Day; a day set aside to honor dads.

Scrolling through the posts, I see the thank you’s to amazing fathers. I witness the blessings and joy these fathers and grandfathers are to their children and grandchildren.

I also see the missing my dad posts. Some are fresh hurts, others said goodbye to their father many, many years ago yet the pain and loss are still very real.

I see another type of post. It is sandwiched between the best dad ever and the I miss my dad terribly. It is unseen because it is left un-said. Not posted. Not voiced.

There are those who have longed for years to be called daddy and have not been able to hear those glorious words spoken from the lips of their very own offspring.

There are others silently posting: I wish I had a dad worthy of this holiday. Whether living or passed on, they wish that they could with conviction say that they love their dad or miss their dad terribly. But the words fail because their dads failed.

It’s a tough spot…father’s day. Celebrating, and rightfully so, those who have fathered well. They’ve made mistakes, of course, but at the end of the day they have loved and lived well the role of father. Today is my sixth father’s day without a father. It is also my sixth opportunity to honor the father, the amazing daddy, that my husband has become!

There’s a part of me that dreads every Father’s day. Each year I grieve a loss. Like a tormented King Saul, my father struggled and fought to be a good man and although he tried, my dad sadly failed more than he triumphed at being the daddy my family needed. Most of my memories are filled with proof he failed. There are a few sweet moments I try to hold onto wishing they would wash away the painful recollections. Sometimes my intellect wins out and I can see and name the psychological demons that so tormented my dad’s mind. In rare moments of grace, I can sympathize and even applaud his fight to overcome his own abuse-filled childhood. In many ways he did overcome. But not completely. Although hurting people hurt people, that doesn’t mean that I deserved to be hurt and that is what stays with me the most.

Amidst my dad’s bi-polar tendencies, my dad lived with epilepsy. My earliest childhood memory involves a thanksgiving gone awry because my dad had a seizure just before we prayed over our meal. Throughout my childhood, seizures and black-outs were a constant and often daily occurrence. I recall one weekend while home from college sitting with my dad on the front porch. I took a chance and began pouring my heart out to my dad. I shared experiences from school, dreams I had for the future, and ideas I was chewing on. One minute he was smiling and engaged, the next his eyes had a distant look. In that moment I knew his body was present but his mind was elsewhere. The epilepsy had taken over. My shoulder’s slumped and my heart sunk. In a moment of vulnerability my words fell on the deaf ears of a man experiencing a mild seizure. As I sat there, stunned, waiting for my dad to come to, I felt God speak to my heart.  “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” My dad had left me but my Heavenly Father was right there.

A dear friend texted me today because she understands what it’s like to scan the card aisle in desperate search of a father’s day card that doesn’t cause too much pain to sign and deliver. She shared a beautiful scripture passage and left me with a great reminder. She reminded me of the amazing fathers that both our children have.

Oh the redemptive work of Jesus!

I have a choice to make. I can wallow in what I’ve lost or rejoice in what I gained on the day our first child was born. I choose to rejoice.


Although I will likely struggle on days like today for like…always, I am thankful for the father’s love. I do not have many fond memories of my dad to look back on but I witness daily the richness and blessings of a daddy who loves his children oh so much. The Lord redeems my childhood in every hug, every smile and every word of affirmation my husband speaks over our children. It’s a beautiful thing.



finished product

I can’t speak to your pain or joy….

But I will try anyway:

If you have a wonderful father, I rejoice with you. You are so blessed and I am very thankful you have this gift!

If your wonderful father is no longer living, may he live on in your laugh, in your smile, in your child’s determination or sense of humor.

If you have experienced the loss of a child or never had the opportunity to hear those sweet words: Happy Father’s Day from the lips of your child, may the God of all comfort give you peace.

If your relationship with your child is strained, may God restore it.

If your father is not, or was not, what you hoped he should be, may God redeem your story through the miraculous transformation of your father or through the provision of men in your life who honor you as a child worthy of love.

“See what amazing love the Father has given us! Because of it, we are called children of God. And that’s what we really are!” 1 John 3:1a

Wonderfully Made {A Tea Party}

It started as an idea for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. A tea party. Tea for Two. So clever, I thought. As I started planning this special day for my little girl, however,  I realized I wanted it to be more than just a cleverly themed birthday party. I wanted my daughter and her friends to grow up with tea parties and all that these lovely events represent. Last year, Charlee and a few of her little friends joined her for tea in our backyard. (You can read all about that adventure here.) It really was a lovely day and confirmed my desire to keep this thing going year after year.

charlee is two

Throw Back: Charlee’s 2 year old tea party

The tea part of the party seemed easy enough but how could I make this time together in beautiful dresses, drinking lemonade and eating pastries more significant. I was reminded of a very beautiful passage in Psalms. Psalm 139:13-14.


That was it! I wanted every mommy and sweet little lady to know how wonderful they were. From the tops of the their beautiful bow topped heads to the tips of their Sunday best shoes….they are wonderful.

Inspired by a theme, Charlee and I invited some very precious women and their daughters to join us on the first weekend of June for our 2nd annual tea party.

IMG_3471 (2016-06-05T20_48_35.855)

We played a teapot version of the game hot potato. As the music played, the girls passed a sweet little pink teapot. When the music stopped the person holding the teapot received some very special encouragement.

IMG_3495 (2016-06-05T20_11_58.265)

When it landed in the hands of a mommy, her sweet precious daughter wrapped her arms around her neck said, “I love you mommy!” When it stopped in the possession of a sweet little lady, she heard some of the most precious words from her mommy.


I heard: “I love how girly you are.”


IMG_3479 (2016-06-05T20_36_06.462)

“I love your sense of humor.”


IMG_3489 (2016-06-05T20_20_11.547)

I heard: “You are brave.”


IMG_3497 (2016-06-05T20_09_20.915)

“You are friendly.”


IMG_3506 (2016-06-05T20_01_05.993)

“You are so content and a joy to behold.”


IMG_3487 (2016-06-05T20_22_59.097)

“You are a very determined little lady and quite the artist.”


I will always treasure these beautiful transactions of words.

IMG_3514 (2016-06-05T19_48_58.622)

We enjoyed delightful yummies including fruit, pastries, tea sandwiches….all compliments of Kroger. (I have three kids…no time for homemade in this season!)

IMG_3513 (2016-06-05T19_50_12.265)

I shared with the mommies the history of some of my teacups and teapots that I’ve collected over the years. Some were acquired as gifts. Others I found at thrift shops or even the dollar tree.

IMG_3517 (2016-06-05T19_44_47.152)

Despite where they came from, they all hold value because they are mine. I reminded these precious women, that their creator values them. No matter the price tag placed on them by society, they are priceless because they are His.


Aren’t they adorable!?!

The set up….

IMG_3519 (2016-06-05T19_41_49.843)


IMG_3532 (2016-06-05T19_19_52.254)

What’s a tea party without a tea cart : )


IMG_3458 (2016-06-05T21_06_44.954)
IMG_3461 (2016-06-05T21_01_52.645)


IMG_3466 (2016-06-05T20_53_21.502)
IMG_3533 (2016-06-05T19_18_15.547)

We gave each precious little girl a bracelet. On one side it says WONDERFUL. On the other side is the scripture reference: Psalm 139:14 “I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

IMG_3541 (2016-06-05T19_08_36.513)

That’s my prayer for these mommies and their precious daughters.


Charlee loved hosting all her little friends and can’t wait until next year. I was only brave enough to invite the girls in our lifegroup and her friends who came to the tea party last year. Next year I’ll be braver and invite more sweet friends. And maybe the theme will be BRAVE. : )


Every Chickfila Needs a Ms Jane



I’ll admit it. We eat at Chickfila way. too. much, Although there are many to pick from, I typically go to the same location. With three small children, I aim for the closest parking space, and sit in the same booth. We order the same thing and I count on the smile of one person to make our visit a little brighter.

I can’t be sure the first time I saw her but I remember vividly the day I truly met her. I was sitting in a booth at Chickila with my oldest son: Dominic. He wasn’t feeling well and we were waiting for a return call from the pediatrician to schedule an appointment. We were mesmerized by the flowers as they reminded us of our current favorite book of the same name: Chrysanthemum! As we talked, a lovely lady who works at CFA approached. She noticed our interest in the flowers and we explained that they were the same flowers as in the book we had been reading all week. As we talked, the lady commented that Dom did not look himself and asked about our other two children. I explained that we were waiting on a phone call from the doctor. She was truly sympathetic. Dom asked her name and so began our friendship with Ms.Jane.

That he is a natural encourager

A week later, we saw Ms Jane again. She commented that Dom was looking better and asked what we had found out at the doctor. I was surprised that she remembered but also thankful for her concern.

Flash forward a few months to a day where I had an exceptionally rough morning with my children. It was after nine and we still hadn’t eaten breakfast. I made it through the doors of Chickfila with my children ages 4,2 and 6 months. I pushed the newborn in the stroller while praying the other two would follow my instructions. We ordered our food and I collapsed in our regular booth facing the playland. I was so very tired and trying to keep all three kids happy seemed a daunting task. Before I knew it we were late for my women’s bible study and I had not eaten at all. I frantically worked on getting everyone out the door only to spill coffee on the stroller and on the floor. I felt so defeated but then Ms.Jane came to the rescue to help. A small gesture with a big impact. “I got it honey” is what she said.

On a particularly stressful day, at Chickfila {again}, my daughter decided that she’d rather stay at the top of the playland than come home and take a nap. After countless attempts of love and logic, idle threats and pleas, I left my 9 month old at the base of the playland with my almost 5 year old to climb the playland that I am way too big to be climbing to retrieve my stubborn 2 ½ year old. She was not happy. I strapped her into the stroller, put my baby on my hip and as I reached for my 5 year old’s hand, cringed at his words, “Mommy, I’m really thirsty.” We exited the playland only to happen upon the busy-ness of the lunch crowd. The line was literally snaking right back to the playland door. I tried to deflect his request with a promise of water when we got home. The humiliation of the playland, the sleep deprivation, the stubborn two year old, the 5 year old’s request for water, the anxiety-inducing crowd. It was all a little much for me. Somehow Ms Jane heard my son’s request, and even in the midst of a very busy time, took the time to bring my son a cup of water. My overwhelmed mind and discouraged heart was so thankful.

Over and over Ms Jane has been the smile or placemat or drink refill or presence that this tired and overwhelmed momma so desperately needed.

I know service with kindness and a smile is the Chickfila way, but Ms Jane does more. She’ll never fully know the impact her kindness has had on me. My children call her by name. She is always so thrilled to see us and in inkind calls her chickfila grandbabies by name.

My children are now a little older and I’m getting better sleep at night as a result. Taking them out into public on my own is not so scary anymore.

When we go to Chickfila, however, I still aim for the closest parking spot and I often strap at least one child in the stroller while carrying another. And I always feel so much better about my adventure when Ms Jane is there. She is not my mom but when I’m at CFA I feel like she looks out for me like my mom would and for a moment taking three high energy kids out to eat by myself is not so bad. Not if Ms. Jane is around.

There’s No Prayer Leader in Kindergarten


Dear Dominic Truth,

Not too long ago, you shared with me that your friend Blake told you, “There’s no prayer leader in Kindergarten”. Because you have been raised in a Christ-centered home, attended a Christian Preschool , been a part of church your entire 5 years of life, and have been surrounded almost exclusively by Christ-followers, I can understand your surprise at learning this.

At least that was my first response. But then, being the deep overthinker that mommy is, I began to contemplate what that really means for you.

There’s no prayer leader in kindergarten.

  • No one inviting you to start your day at school in prayer.
  • No one reminding you to fold your hands and bow your head to give thanks to God for your snack and lunch.
  • No Bible lesson to instruct you to be kind and loving. Or brave. Or honest.
  • No songs to reinforce that God will “strengthen you and help you”.
  • No teachers praising you for demonstrating Christ-like attributes. No teachers nurturing you with God’s word when your choices are not the wisest.

No prayer leader in kindergarten? I both shudder with fear and squeal with delight at the thought!

For now it really begins.

  • You will have to decide for yourself whether you will start your day at school with prayer.
  • You must decide for yourself to bow your head and give thanks for your snack and lunch.
  • It is up to you to lean on the stories from home and lessons from Church and decide for yourself to be kind and loving to everyone because that is what Christ instructs.
  • You will have to choose to carry a song of the goodness of God in your heart which you will, no doubt, share with your teacher and classmates.
  • You will have to rely on the Holy Spirit to make the right choice, the Christ honoring choice.
  • You’ll have to listen carefully to the quiet voice of God as he shapes you through your decisions. You’ll have to decide for yourself to confess when you have done wrong even if no one else notices.

No prayer leader in kindergarten? I disagree.

Perhaps, there will be no slot on the class job chart that holds this title. However, I believe and pray fervently that God will raise up a prayer leader all the same.

  • I pray you will own your faith.
  • When you cross paths with those, who like you, have a Biblical foundation, may you be the encouragement they need to live out what they know to be true even though no sticker will be placed on the reward chart for representing Christ.
  • When you come face to face with those who do not know Jesus….when you are confronted with questions of whether or not God truly exists…when you are faced with hard questions like: “Why is Jesus the only way?”…I pray you will wrestle through these questions and find the answers…find the truth in God’s word.
  • May you lead your friends to Christ.
  • May the years to come raise up a mighty prayer leader. One who will proclaim that he belongs to God and, regardless of religious opinions or cultural norms, lives out the truth of Jesus Christ in his life.

No prayer leader in kindergarten? Why, Dom, don’t you know that’s you?!

YOU are the prayer leader your kindergarten class needs. You’ve got this! And all your teachers and mentors past, present and even future will be cheering you on as you lead not only your kindergarten friends but everyone with whom you have contact because you are a prayer leader



Dom’s Life Verse

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

John 14:6

This Is Our Journey

This past Tuesday, my husband and I celebrated 8 years of marriage! I posted this picture and description to my Instagram account:


“Joyful. Beautiful. And sometimes a glorious blur. That’s what the past 8 years have been with the love of my life!”

It has been an amazing whirlwind. We’ve had three kids and moved states and houses in those eight years. Some years we’ve celebrated with dinners out or overnight trips. Our first anniversary was celebrated amidst moving boxes. This year our family of 5 took a long overdue vacation. We decided that on our very special day we wanted to creatively walk down memory lane and take our children along.


On our wedding day we released monarch butterflies instead of blowing bubbles or throwing birdseed, so we started with a trip to the Butterfly Palace to look at beautiful exotic butterflies.


Then we went to Pasghetti’s, an Italian Restaurant, because we honeymooned in Rome.


Finally we returned to our vacation rental to watch our wedding video. The kids were mesmerized. They would ask questions about who this person was or where was so n so. My eldest asked if I still had my dress and if I would wear it someday. I answered “Someday” (I need to lose a few pounds!)


As we sat and watched this retelling of our marriage journey now 8 years in, I was struck by the story-lines I witnessed and how much life for us and others had changed! 


An image of me dancing with my father now gone 5 years.

A family of 4 now a family of 7.

A married couple now divorced.

Toddler cousins now teens.

A mother now a cancer survivor.

An eternal bachelor now married.


Infertility and miscarriage.

Foster care and adoption.

Life and death.


Hope and worry.



Weddings bring many many different people together. They enter a room with company they would never know otherwise. For a brief moment, there is joy and hope and bliss;  the “in sickness and in health; for richer or poorer” parts of the wedding vows seem more a tradition of words than a covenant of actions.

But when the “you may kiss your bride” has faded and the butterflies have been released…when the wedding dress has been stored and the tuxedo rental returned…when the dj packs up his music and the pastor goes home…when the honeymoon is a distant memory…life continues. It begins really. As it does, with all it’s rough “life happens” edges, we must choose to see the beautiful in spite of the ugly. We must choose to love deeply although the shallows feel safer. We must fight for each other when we’d rather walk away or even worse ignore. We must dig deep.

Life is beautiful. It is lovely on days worth celebrating and on days we’d rather forget. Through the mundane and the breathtaking, sucking the very marrow out of every moment really is worth it.


My brother and his beautiful wife wrote and sang this song for our wedding.

Our journey together starts today.

I’ll take you as mine together for a lifetime.

I give you my heart.

I give you my vow.

I give you my life right here and now.

This is our journey.


May your journey be worth traveling and may you never ever give up.


Life is beautiful.


Things I Don’t Want To Forget {Installment 2}

That my oldest takes pretty good selfies

That my oldest takes pretty good selfies

My sweet middle child still loves to cuddle

My sweet middle child still loves to cuddle

When my yougest smiles, his entire face lights up

When my yougest smiles, his entire face lights up

That he calls dessert: suh-dirt

That he calls dessert: suh-dirt

That she would wear her princess pj's 24/7 if I would allow it.

That she would wear her princess pj’s 24/7 if I would allow it.

That he can pull his socks and shoes off faster than i can say his name

That he can pull his socks and shoes off faster than i can say his name

How quickly he is learning to sound out words!

How quickly he is learning to sound out words!

Her love for dinosaur puzzles

Her love for dinosaur puzzles

The way he walks swaying from leg to leg

The way he walks swaying from leg to leg

His love for lego blocks. He is a master builder.

His love for lego blocks. He is a master builder.

Her incredible fashion sense

Her incredible fashion sense

That he acts like a big kid even though he's not...yet

That he acts like a big kid even though he’s not…yet

That he is a natural encourager

That he is a natural encourager

That she can count to 10...sort of.  1,2,3,4,5,7,9,10!

That she can count to 10…sort of.

That he can say momma, dada, uh-oh and knows that when the garage opens it means daddy is home!

That he can say momma, dada, uh-oh and knows that when the garage opens it means daddy is home!

That he treats every day like it is Christmas Morning

That he treats every day like it is Christmas Morning

That one day she will be potty trained but today is not that day.

That one day she will be potty trained but today is not that day.

His joy.

His joy.



Life is beautiful

Making Beautiful Day Ten {Ready}

Our house has been on the market for 43 days now. There’s a multiplicity of reasons why we are selling but the main reason is we need more walls. We have three kids ages 5, almost 3 and 1. We’ve tried a multiplicity of ways arranging the kids to make our simple but beautiful 3 bedroom home work but the personalities of our kiddos has made it a bit of a challenge.

It’s  a really interesting time to be selling a house. In our area of the globe, multiple large companies are moving their corporate offices this way making the demand for a home pretty significant. And yet, our home hasn’t been snatched up. That’s hard for anyone…add three little kids who have two-thirds of their toys in boxes in the garage, a little boy who currently sleeps on the pull out couch, and the need to keep the house pristine all. the. time. and it’s hard.

Making the decision to sell our home is one we thought and prayed a great deal about. We sought wisdom and the prayers of others and truly believe it was the right move to make. Unfortunately our timeline doesn’t appear to be a very quick timeline. We are so READY to get to a more stable place. Being totally honest here….given the current layout of our house means when the kids go to bed we are pretty much banished to our bedroom for risk of waking kids. On top of this challenge, every time there’s a house showing (we’ve had approximately 35 in 43 days) we have to leave the house. Sometimes it’s just an hour. Other times it’s the whole day! Since the weekend is the popular time to go look at homes, we haven’t had a weekend uninterrupted at home in 6 weeks. The kids are worn out. Marshall and I are worn out. The stress of keeping the house clean and being out of the house for long stretches at a time is draining.

We are ready to move on. We trust God. We thank God for a smart realtor. We hope for good news….soon.